The contactless digital menu
*No app required

Change your menu instantly to suit the needs of your business

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Instant Information

You customers can access your menu on their own phone or tablet by swiping a contactless-enabled item - for example, a drinks coaster or table mat!

Daily menus, timed specials and instant menu translations.


Easy Updates

You can update your menu at any time - any changes made will instantly appear on the live menu.

No more reprinting physical menus!

  • A contactless digital menu
  • Save potentially '000s in menu print costs
  • Instant updates to your menu - at any time
  • No sanitizing menus after each use
  • Your customer simply swipes, for example, a drinks coaster, with their device to view
  • No app needed
  • Daily or timed specials can be set up easily
  • Instant translation to over 100 languages!
  • Functionality continually improved
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

Environmentally Friendly

  • Reduce the need for printing physical menus
  • No more reprint costs which in turn reduces the need for excess delivery's

The One Menu is a cloud-based menu that can be changed as often as you require - with no reprint costs

Choose One Menu and edit your menu at anytime

Get a custom design

We provide a free design service upon request or use your own to match your companies branding


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